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Certifications and quality control.

Quality, safety, environment.

Since 2005 the company has implemented and successfully maintained a Quality Management System in compliance with the ISO 9001-2015 standard, and which has been certified by authorised boards, to control all activities involved with product design and production and the applications to be used in the leather finishing processes.

The company is also a pioneer in protecting our environmental resources. Ever since they opened their first facility in the 50s, the company has always implemented technology to prevent and reduce all forms of environmental impact, including the CHEMICAL-PHYSICAL AND BIOLOGICAL PLANT for waste water processing.

They then continued in the 80s by implementing:

  • A CLOSED CYCLE water cooling system in order to continuously recover and reutilise the water.
  • Filters, scrubbers and condensation columns to process the emissions.

In pursuance of ongoing investments, recently SOMMER obtained the Single Environmental Authorisation (A.U.A.).

As a company operating in the chemical sector, SOMMER is always fully committed to gaining in-depth knowledge of the products in terms of health and safety, and wherever possible aims at being ahead of the restrictions that are imposed by law.

In the 80s the decision was taken to eliminate chrome pigments and to market water based fixatives. Integrating health and safety requirements into the company management system led to a careful selection of incoming raw materials and product development in compliance with the applicable regulations, which gave the dual result of protecting the health and safety of not only our employees but also our customers.

Annual improvement projects, including employee training and preventive maintenance plans, complete the activities the company has implemented to achieve their HEALTH & SAFETY goals.

In accordance with this company philosophy, recently SOMMER S.p.A. became a member of the Leather Working Group (LWG), a multilateral group whose aim is to promote continuous improvement in all environmental performances.


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